Opening Hours

Our School Canteen, SVACS Café, opens every day in term time.
The canteen opens from 8am and closes at 1:10pm.

Café Menu

To download a menu click on the link below:

Term 1 2024 - SVACS Menu

Our Canteen – SVACS Café

With modern furnishings and hi-tech equipment, the canteen offers separate sections serving the Primary and Secondary Schools. The efficiently designed buffet style encourages our students to make healthy choice options. Food warmers and coolers ensure students have the options of both warm and cold selections. 

The Café is cashless, and accepts online orders, or payment via Smartrider or EFTPOS only.

The Café moved to an exclusively cashless payment or online ordering system from Term 1 2021. Listed below are ways to make purchase in the Café.

Online Ordering

SVACS Café has a user friendly online ordering system called FlexiSchools. This system allows parents or students to place orders from home, work or school via our easy online by computer or mobile app prior to 8:30am in the morning. The payment is made online, so you no longer need to send cash or a paper order to school. As well as being convenient for parents, the online orders are more accurate and much faster for the Café to process.

How to register for a FlexiSchool account?

How to Add a student to my account?

Other Useful Hints

Using the SmartRider Card

Students from Years 3 to 12 may use their SmartRider cards to make purchases in the Café. Parents

By linking the student SmartRider card to your FlexiSchool account will allow parents to load money onto their child's Smartrider card to use in the Café.

Please use the Student ID found on the SmartRider card to link your account.

How do I link a student card?

Ordering at School

Café lunch orders may be placed in the mornings at the Café counter. Lunch orders must be placed before 8:30am. No lunch orders may be placed at recess.

Need help? For more information, please call the Canteen on 9297 9506 or email


VOLUNTEERS….We NEED you! Feel free to drop and meet our friendly, enthusiastic staff. Have a chat and a cuppa. Lunch provided when you volunteer. Will guarantee a GREAT day and an opportunity to laugh and make new friends.

The Café is happy to have two volunteers per day, so if you are interested in helping, please email to add your name to our weekly roster indicating specifications with regard to your availability (days, times, frequency, etc). Please remember to leave your details so we can contact you.

Nut Awareness

As Swan Valley Anglican Community School is a ‘nut aware' school, this is incorporated into the Canteen Policy. Other food intolerances/allergies have been taken into consideration (e.g. gluten free options, vegetarian, etc).