Pre Primary Capes for Cancer

Early Years

Pre Primary Superhero Olympics for Capes for Cancer Day

“I liked it because we were all wearing capes. I also liked going under the tunnel.” - TristanB

On Friday 4 September the Pre Primary children held their inaugural Superhero Olympics for our Early Childhood Cape for Cancer Day. The children were able to wear their own cape for a gold coin donation or they could purchase a cape made by some of our Pre Primary mums.

We had some amazing stations set up for the children to act like real superheros in their capes. We had forward rolls, the electric fence, the parachute, stilt walking and the tunnel. At the end of the Olympics the Pre Primary students took part in a Tug of War competition. Well done PPB for winning the contest and even beating the Pre Primary teachers. Wow you are awesome!

A special thank you to Nadine Bear and Nicole Wasley for making the awesome capes! We hope you had a wonderful day Pre Primarys. We raised over $6000 with our Cape for Cancer activities. What an amazing effort!

Pre Primary Teachers and Education Assistants.

“I liked that we could have a super tug of war. I liked the part when we went through the hula hoop.” - Ryan

“I liked how we played with our capes on and when we did the roly polies through the hula hoops.” - Aleasha

“Pulling the big rope. We had more people and they get to win.” - Heidy

“When we did the up and down thing (parachute) and also when we we did that tunnel and also the roly polys and the clown feet.” - Maddison

“We got to wear capes. I liked when we pulled the rope.” - Maia

Wildcat Visit

As part of our Cape for Cancer Day we had a visit from Shaun Redhage. Shaun spoke to Early Childhood about being a member of the Wildcats and then presented Jackson Menegola with a cap and bobble head. The students were very excited to have a member of the Wildcats visit their School.

Ms Jo Wainwright
Associate Principal Early Childhood