Reaching for the stars

Whole School

NASA here we come!

Reaching for the stars is on the agenda for 19 future astronauts from Swan Valley Anglican Community School, who will head off to the USA on the 24th of November 2018 to participate in an advanced space camp.

The lucky students will travel to Huntsville, Alabama to gain an understanding of space travel and  visit the NASA Kennedy Space Center where they will experience zero gravity environments, and work on simulated missions including launching of the space shuttle. They will also experience neutral buoyancy while SCUBA diving in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer. Other highlights of the trip will include a visit to Universal Studios and the Florida Everglades.

Multidisciplinary fields that include the STEM subjects have become an integral part in today’s society. During their NASA trip the students will be immersed in science, technology, engineering, mathematics experiences and team building activities.  This is an incredible opportunity for students to not only witness STEM in action but also to apply their classroom learning to the real world.

In the School’s ‘Aero / Astro Club’ students engage in a range of space and aeronautics based activities. They capture video footage with a high-quality drone that they have learned to pilot themselves, and learn through play on flight and space simulator games. In a mix of fun and learning, the club keeps up with the latest developments in aviation and space technology and NASA activities, as well as learning about the night sky and the wonders of the solar system.

Principal Melissa Powell said, “This is an outstanding opportunity for our students to understand how STEM subjects can be applied in a creative and professional setting. In addition, the opportunities that will be provided for enhancing our students’ leadership and teamwork skills will be invaluable. This is undoubtedly an incredible once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.”