Wizard of Oz

Whole School

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Year 11 & 12 Drama Production

This year’s Senior Drama production was the ever popular, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The play featured all of the famous characters from the pen of L. Frank Baum… Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin-Woodsman and Cowardly Lion - just to name a few. Also highlighted were the light-hearted stage thrills of the play… like the escape from the forest of the fighting trees and meeting of the great and terrible Oz himself. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; the perfect play for any family to come along and enjoy!

Wow! What a show and response from the public. The production was held over two big nights in the SVACS Multi-Purpose Hall, with at least 100 people in attendance each night. It was fantastic to see the Swan Valley Community getting behind the students and supporting this exciting event.

With a cast and crew of Years 11 and 12 Drama students, it was great to see the Senior School come together in one major Arts event. Students either played a major or minor role each bringing their own personality or quirkiness to whomever they were playing. From the beginning of Term 1 we rehearsed on Tuesdays after school, evenings and school holidays whereby students were successful in acting, learning lines, dancing and most importantly, spending time as a cast bonding. As this was the first time I have been responsible for producing such a big event, I have had the most amazing time! It has been a joy working with the diverse talent that we have at SVACS and on a personal level, I have learnt so much from this experience.

Our leads and support cast were of exceptional quality and they are to be commended for their professionalism throughout this production. Their dedication and determination to (pull off) fabulous shows certainly paid off with a lot of people giving such wonderful compliments. A key highlight for me was the anticipation of young children after the show who waited in line with a pen and program. The signing of autographs was definitely a proud moment for our cast members.

I would like to thank all of the cast’s parents for their love, support and patience with the number of rehearsals throughout the production. Without your underlying support this production would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank the maintenance staff for helping bring the stage and set together, staff volunteers from both Senior and Junior School and Tony Perry for kindly volunteering his time to create and operate the sound system for this production.

Judging by the smiles from the cast after the performances, I am positive that this experience will always hold a special memory for the rest of their lives.

Miss Annalisa Sorgiovanni  |  Drama Teacher