Our Philosophy

In the Middle Years we understand that school and the learning experience for students must be inclusive, challenging and engaging, responding to the unique needs, interests and skills of this group of young people. Sound relationships form the bedrock, on which the social, emotional and personal aspects of a Middle Years students’ overall development flourish. A strong sense of community and belonging ensure that all our students thrive.

In the Middle Years, classrooms are places of fairness, trust and purpose where credible teachers care about their students and about advancing and enhancing their learning. Teachers in the Middle Years deliver a curriculum that is differentiated, comprehensive, responsive and interdisciplinary. Using a student-centred approach, teachers strike a balance between surface and deep learning and between inquiry and direct instruction. We believe that all students can be successful learners and, using grit and self-discipline, should have a growth mindset. We acknowledge that students need to be ‘world ready’ and therefore the development of students’ communication and collaboration skills together with problem solving and creativity are essential in preparing students for the complex and uncertain 21st century.

Schools are places of connection and community and therefore connecting community, school and home are essential in improving student outcomes. In the Middle Years, our communication with parents is strong, deliberate and transparent as family and community are pivotal to high quality education.